Jot Hammers Back, Fires 'The Trigger Bridge' in an Underground Chic, EDM, Contemporary, Piano-Driven Blast 

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The Trigger Bridge 

Jeff Berube (Jot) 

Jeff Berube  
Diane Goff







      "Take It Higher" 

'The Trigger Bridge' album CD is an eclectic contemporary mix of hard-driving EDM, jumping jazz, smokey funk, and hypnotic trance. Within this first musically sophisticated album we hear intelligent underground chic, entrancing rhythmic dialogues, and piano synth that enraptures the mind and moves the body to the dance floor.

The title track, 'The Trigger Bridge', prepares you for the journey into your mind. Setting off your senses with a complicated blend of piano-driven "Good morning. Wake up, get ready, let's go!", and prepares you for the roller coaster ride that is 'Everybody'. 'Rane' rains thunder, lightning, and stormy soul with smoky poetic mumblings, and scorches yearning, denial, and hope into your sound system.  'Eggplant Cooda' doesn't let up on you and drives the emotion deeper under the skin with searing piano synth and multi-level rhythms revealing ultimate professional musical control, and a timeless truth that brings back a memory... 

'Nine Days In' steps right into the beating heart of loss, struggle, pain, vision and found hope. If you make it through 'Nine Days In', you will find your way out, only to discover a 'Dark Knight' urging you to get up and just freakin' dance! Ego melts away, and like smooth, rich, butter, flows into 'Let You' in a pure, melodic piano ensemble, that will bring a tear to the hardest of hearts and lay the soul bare. Once the transition is complete and you're on your knees, 'Highball' bounces jazzy, groovy, piano joy all over you and rolls happily out the door. 

These melodies taken in one by one tell a short story, or perhaps a chapter, -- but taken in as a whole saga, the album tells a story of enlightened consciousness, health, renewal and well- being. Revealing the tales of love, loss, and understanding, the tunes combine to form a multifaceted first album release that is sure to electrify and enthrall the listener.  

'The Trigger Bridge' will fire hot grooves into the bullseye of today's soaring dance market, and create a new genre of underground chic, adult contemporary/pop, EDM soul music that promises to satisfy the most discerning listener.  

Jot as a newcomer joins the professional ranks of modern electronic dance music and uplifting adult contemporary rhythms. Stories are told in technicolor electric beats, tales are cast into the timeless beauty that is great music. We need more storytellers in this world, and Jot proves he can deliver a compelling, truthful tale. 


© Diane Goff -2019 



'The Trigger Bridge' 


1. The Trigger Bridge 

2. Everybody  

3. Rane 

4. Eggplant Cooda 

5. Nine Days In 

6. Dark Knight  

7. Let You 

8. Highball










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